Amount of penis: 0/10

Not everybody wants penis in their poetry. And likewise, even if you want some, we all know that lots of writers give you too little - or too much. So in the spirit of the digital age, I'm putting the decision to you, dear reader. I warn you the slider is a little buggy. Once you get a penis in, sometimes you have work a little to get it back out. I could fix that, but WHY?

Maybe I do need advice from a garden

The cushions are off the chairs
on the decking out the back,
though it's spring now, you're
still anxious about rain.

The daffodils have come
relentlessly, as ever,
heads like ear trumpets,
satellite receivers-

underground, all connected
to some patient listener-
impotent, or without

By custom, the upholstery
has appeared sometime in April,
and been tucked away in October,
but now you lag behind the seasons

hoping that your infant
might not grow so quickly,
last a little longer
in the clothes you've made,

and not become heavier
before you become strong.